Monday, October 25, 2010

Helen's options

Technically, she just has two on the table: our house and the LDS family near her school. She can visit them if she likes before deciding.

However, her social worker wants her to know that a family from her ward (think congregation) called in to ask if they could get licensed and take her. Also a previous teacher called to get more information so he could talk to his wife about getting licensed and take her. And finally both her lawyer and another person who works at the department said that they never considered getting licensed but they would have for her.

Only two of the options are currently licensed and it is important to get her into the program as fast as possible, so she has to choose between those two. The social worker said that he favors placement with her sibling, but she does get the final choice.

Right now she is driving with him to get the rest of her things. He will answer any other questions she has on their trip.


  1. Anonymous5:45 PM

    Wow! It's nice to know she does have so many options. I hope she's able to make a choice that works for her, and enables her to get a good start into her adult life.

  2. And it just keeps getting more exciting!

  3. What a blessing to know that so many people love and care for her and are willing to do whatever it takes for her best interests!


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