Wednesday, December 16, 2009

MMA, Libilities, etc.

Feeling frustrated.

Gary is always full of plans. He's has once again found another dojo, martial arts place, gym, whatever. He talked and talked to them on the phone. They are new. They said that he could help teach the younger students if he wanted. This could turn into a job! The coach/teacher/whatever there is great. It is going to be wonderful.

I took him. The atmosphere is more of a fitness gym than a dojo. There is a lobby with two flat screen TV's and two employees at the counter. In the back are mats, one of those cage things they have MMA fights in, exercise bicycles and other work-out equipment. Gary is welcomed by the instructor who asks if he is ready for his freebie. Gary goes back with much excitement while the people at the counter give me information on monthly membership fees (high) and a liability form to sign.

Now I'm not supposed to sign those. I did just for the night though. I even wrote on it that it expired tomorrow. That is totally against the rules and if Gary gets hurt tonight I really don't know what will happen. Like a teenager I'm just counting on not getting caught.

I took the form back to him to show him. I told him that there was no way we were going to be able to get it signed.

"So enjoy your one night here."

"Oh, I'll work it out! This is great!"

Sometimes his relentless optimism is exhausting.

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  1. Yeah, I got to have a conversation Tuesday night where I was trying to be optimistic and supportive without saying, "Y'know, as a gay kid with the PTSD history you have, West Point doesn't seem like the obvious choice!" because that's not helpful either. Since my partner has the same sort of attitude as Gary (I classify all of this as part of her ambivalent attachment issues, but it's not as if I'm a doctor) maybe I'll just make her handle stuff like that. Then they can both be all excited about things one week and totally over it the next if that's how Rowan is going to be too. (And I don't think he is. I just think he's being pressured to practice making long-term goals and doesn't know how to do so realistically, so they all involve inappropriate colleges and professional sports/music careers.)

    Um, thank you for your blog and for letting me vent!


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